Mr. Korey Wilson running for Alabama State Senate in District Seven. Mr. Wilson is a Huntsville, Alabama native. He is dedicated to uplifting and investing in the community that raised him. If elected, Mr. Wilson seeks to increase access to mental health resources, improve rural healthcare access, and reimagine emergency response to include social workers and mental health specialists.



Affordable, quality healthcare shouldn't be beyond any Alabamian’s reach. Rural hospital closures and limited health services have made living outside of Alabama’s urban centers untenable. Geography be damned, everyone should know that their families have accessible, affordable, quality healthcare nearby. When limited staff and resources strain rural hospitals, urban healthcare systems become overwhelmed. Improving access and affordability should be Montgomery’s top priority.

As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  1. Accept the ACA Medicaid expansion. Republican mismanagement has cost lives and billions in lost revenue to our state. The time to expand Medicaid eligibility in our state was 10 years ago! Let’s get it passed today!

  2. Increase access to mental health resources and develop higher standards of care. The Alabama Department of Correction should not be our state’s largest mental health facility.

  3. Improve rural healthcare access. One should not have to drive the county over to visit the doctor or receive critical care. We must ensure we protect our hospitals' efficacy by ensuring every health facility in Alabama is staffed and equipped to serve its community.


Every student has the right to high quality pre-k-12 education - regardless of household income or zip code. Meaningful public education investment is paramount in creating a better future for our children and economy. Every Alabama public school should be equipped with the staff and resources to prepare our students to reach their fullest academic potential and enter the workforce, prepared.

As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  1. Prioritize investing in public education. We need better schools, not more prisons.

  2. Meaningfully improve pay for our school faculty and auxiliary staff. I’ll also fight to make it easier to retire with full benefits. The best way to recruit high achievers into the education profession and stave off teacher attrition is to pay and treat educators like the professionals they are.


Alabama’s economy should work for everyone, not just the political & corporate elite. Developing an economy that works for all Alabamians means establishing a living wage, supporting workers’ right to bargain collectively, and eliminating state taxes on necessities.

As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  1. Make living wages a right for all Alabamians.

  2. Protect the right of workers to unionize and bargain collectively. Employers should not be able to bully & exploit their laborers.

  3. Develop a fairer, more equitable tax system benefiting families and small businesses, not just huge corporations and the wealthy.

  4. Expand our economic opportunities by investing in emerging markets like renewable energy.


Poverty elimination is the most proven and effective way to reduce crime. Mass incarceration has not made Alabama safer. Sadly, it further endangers our society by draining revenue away from key programs that prevent crime: education, well paying jobs, and mental health resources. We need to refocus our criminal justice approach, prioritizing violent crime and public and private corruption. We certainly don’t need to incarcerate our citizens over small amounts of Cannabis.

As your State Senator, I’ll fight to:

  1. Decriminalize cannabis for recreational use, expunge cannabis-related convictions, and establish a legal cannabis market–creating new revenue streams and job opportunities.

  2. Reimagine emergency response. Every situation does not require a police response. We need to invest in and train social workers and mental health specialists to be emergency responders.

  3. Treat addiction like a public health crisis and not a crime

  4. Focus on ending violent crime and corruption and end mass incarceration.


I was born here, right here on Huntsville's north side, the son of two Alabama A&M grads, a product of Huntsville City & Madison County schools, and University of Montevallo (Class of '14: PV) graduate! I have always loved Huntsville because it has always been more than a city--it's a community, a family, an innovation hub, and the launchpad of one thousand dreams. If we can figure out how to land humans onto the moon, we can figure out a better way to move our state forward, and it all begins by electing the right people.